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vintage water tower overlooking Denham Springs, LA


The Mustard Seed Church is a group of imperfect people in the Denham Springs area who are on a journey with Jesus. The Kingdom life–the life God dreams for us–is the best life we can experience, and as we live and reveal God’s kingdom in our everyday, ordinary lives, we make space for everyday, ordinary people to find their place in God’s kingdom as well. Together, we hope to cooperate with God’s work to see wholeness and flourishing in Denham, as it is in heaven.

The Mustard Seed is probably not the coolest church in town, and we’re for sure not the largest. But it seems in Jesus’ mind, sometimes it’s seed-sized faith that allows God to accomplish Kingdom-sized outcomes. Life is hard, and people are lonely. As God transforms us by his spirit into the image of Christ, people will see something in us that God uses to stir up something in them, leading to holy moments and beautiful conversations.


We understand “church” is people (not a building), so on any given week, you can find our church:

  • Working hard at our jobs or schools, because our vocations are ways we live and reveal God’s kingdom.

  • Volunteering at a non-profit that promotes flourishing in our city, because we are only a part of God’s plan to redeem and restore all things.

  • Hosting friends and neighbors for dinner or drinks, because kingdom conversations happen best when we slow down and enjoy one another.

  • Discussing the Bible in any of our small groups, because it’s in community we understand God most clearly.

  • Seeking God’s spirit to add or take away anything from this list, because it’s our pursuit of and obedience to God that is truly life-giving and transformative.


If God allows, we hope to plant a network of churches in our region along the I-12 corridor from Baton Rouge to Slidell and beyond. If we’re doing things right, we believe every other God-centered church in our area will grow and be strengthened by our faithfulness. And our imagination isn’t renewed enough to predict what God might could do through our little community as we’re faithful over the next several decades.


The kingdom of God is delightful. And fascinating. And provocative. And fulfilling. And the best life you can live. And it’s only there we become our truest selves–the people God created us to be. It requires trust to enter and trust to grow. But all God asks is that we have trust the size of a mustard seed.

[For those of you looking for it, here's a brief description of what we believe.]

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